Akron - Medina Gym Location

Located in West Akron between Fairlawn and Medina Ohio. Our most popular gym is on Route 18 providing Access to Men & Women in Akron, Medina , Bath, Richfield, and Copley

Features Of The Medina Gym Location

  • A Private Gym With Over 4800 Square Feet Of Gym Space!

    You’ll never have to worry about our gym being too busy with gym members using up all of the equipment or those not focused on having a great workout with a personal trainer. Our Akron-Medina Sculpt Fitness location has over 4800 square feet of gym space that is specifically for our members who are working with a personal trainer.

  • Equipment Geared Towards Your Success

    The gym equipment selection at the Akron-Medina gym is unlike any other traditional fitness center or gym. Our gym is filled with a variety of tools that you’ll get to use during your personal training workouts with your Sculpt trainer.

    Equipment such as kettlebells, dumbbells, free weights, bands, sleds and ski-erg and rowers are just a glimpse at what we have to offer you.

  • Perform A Variety of Exercises On Field Turf

    When you are working with your Sculpt Fitness personal trainer, you’ll have the opportunity to perform movements and exercises on a 1200 square feet piece of turf. Whether your going through agility drills or performing a set of walking lunges, you’ll have plenty of area to do your exercises!

  • Look Forward To Your Next Workout And Build Friendships With Those Also Wanting to Improve Their Fitness

    Looking forward to coming to the gym to meet with your personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness as well as building positive friendships with other gym members helps keep your accountability and motivation high during the course of your fitness journey.

    Many friendships have been formed by Sculpt members all on a similar path of losing weight, gaining strength and reshaping their bodies.


PRIVATE ONE ON ONE PERSONAL TRAINING With a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer

Workout in a private gym setting at the Sculpt Fitness Akron-Medina gym location. Featuring a wide assortment of training equipment not typically found at your nearest gym. Receive the guidance, coaching and knowledge that only can be found working with a certified and experienced personal training gym and trainers. Click Here to find out more.


Get an amazing workout in a small group setting by selecting the semi private personal training membership! The small group size allows a Sculpt Personal Trainer the ability to still create pretty specific workouts that will benefit the entire group. Click Here to find out more.

Sculpt Fitness Akron Medina

1133 Medina Road
Suite 600
Medina , Ohio 44256
Phone: 330-907-4722

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We understand that not every gym or any personal trainer is a fit for everyone. We want to help you the best way we can in giving you an honest answer on whether Sculpt Fitness is the place for you.

 We would like to invite you into the Sculpt Fitness Medina location for a FREE complimentary fitness assessment and trial private workout with one of our qualified trainers so you can experience Sculpt for yourself. This will give both you and us a better idea if we can truly help you achieve your fitness goals.

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