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Private Personal Training for Individuals in Akron, Medina, Hudson and Cleveland Ohio

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People We've Been Able To Help!

  • We Specialize In Personal Training

    We pride ourselves on providing the best personal training service possible at all of our gym locations. We offer both private one on one and small group personal training with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer.

  • Gym Locations in Medina , Hudson and Cleveland Ohio

    Sculpt Fitness has been able to grow to multiple locations due to how well we have helped numerous individuals in Northeast Ohio achieve their fitness goals! We now have 3 locations all conveniently located in Akron-Medina, Hudson and now Cleveland Ohio.

  • College Educated and Certified Personal Trainers

    When you come to any of our gym locations, rest assured knowing that all of our trainers have a college degree and a reputable personal trainer certification. They all have had success helping men and women in Akron, Cleveland and Hudson Ohio achieve great results!

  • A Trusted Reputation That Continues To Grow

    We feel honored and grateful to have made such a positive impact on many of our Sculpt Fitness members lives by helping them lose weight, gain strength and positively change their bodies. Word has quickly spread about what gym is the place to train at for a great experience and results.


  • Lose those troublesome inches from the hardest to lose areas
  • Have the strength that will help you keep up with the kids
  • Reveal toned muscles that have been covered for too long
  • Look and feel better inside and out
  • Have increased confidence in the workplace and in life
  • Raise your body's endurance, allowing you to be active and not wore out
  • Fit into your clothes that have been tucked into the back of your closet
  • Increased energy that will last throughout the day
  • A raised metabolism that will burn more calories during the day
  • Improved self esteem
  • Be able to handle and reduce stress better
  • A reduction in the signs of aging
  • Feel great wearing clothes that you never thought you'd be able to wear again
  • Look more attractive

Features Of Joining Sculpt Fitness

  • Enjoy Working Out In A Private Facility That Only Offers Personal Training
  • Have the Guidance and Expertise of a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer
  • See Results Working Out 2 To 3 Times Per Week (Only 3 Hours A Week!)
  • Use a Variety of Equipment Not Usually Seen In Traditional Gyms
  • All Of Our Members Support Each Other And Are Working Towards A Similar Goal As You
  • Perform a Mixture of Strength Training and High Intensity Cardio All In One Workout
  • All Of The Sculpt Trainers Are Certified and College Educated
  • A Long And Trusted Reputation in Northeast Ohio
  • Proven Results in Helping Both Men and Women Lose Weight and Reshape Their Bodies
  • Begin Working At Your Fitness Starting Point, Not Someone Elses
  • Workouts Last 45 Minutes To An Hour
  • Customized Program Designed For Your Needs
  • Become Part Of A Supportive Fitness Community

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  • Akron-Medina Gym : 1133 Medina Road Suite 600, Medina Ohio 44256
  • Hudson Gym : 5824 Akron Cleveland Road, Hudson Ohio 44236
  • Cleveland Gym : 2130 Superior Avenue , Cleveland Ohio 44114
  • Phone Number : 330-907-4722