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Private & Small Group Personal Training for Individuals in Akron, Medina and Hudson Ohio

See How Helana Lost Body Fat and Improved Her Strength!

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  • Lose those troublesome inches from the hardest to lose areas
  • Have the strength that will help you keep up with the kids
  • Reveal toned muscles that have been covered for far too long
  • Look and feel better inside and out
  • Have increased confidence
  • Raise your body's endurance allowing you to be active for longer periods of time
  • Fit into clothes that have been tucked into the back of the closet
  • Increased energy that lasts throughout the entire day
  • A raised metabolism that will burn more calories during the day
  • Improved self esteem
  • Handle stress better
  • Feel great wearing clothes you never thought you'd wear
  • Look more attractive

What We're Most Known For

  • Specializing in Private & Small Group Personal Training

    We have quickly become known in Northeast Ohio and the areas of Akron, Medina and Hudson Ohio for providing private personal training with a personal trainer along with small group training. If your an individual wanting to work on a specific goal of weight loss, dropping body fat and gaining strength, you’ll want the customization that comes with a program made just for you!

  • A Private, Welcoming Gym Environment

    At any of our Sculpt Fitness locations, you’ll feel welcome and at home with the friendly gym atmosphere. We only allow people into our gyms that are working with one of our personal trainers. Everyone is working towards bettering themselves and improving, building a fitness community of like minded individuals.

  • College Educated, Certified & Experienced Personal Trainers

    Helping people improve themselves and their bodies is a priority for us. We want to give our members the best service in the area for personal training. All of our personal trainers have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in education, as well as a certification. Most importantly, all of our trainers have had firsthand experience helping members have successful results in weight loss, reshaping their body and improving his or her strength.

Member Transformations!

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Features of Joining Sculpt Fitness

  • Enjoy working out in a private facility that only offers personal training
  • Have the guidance and expertise of a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer
  • See results working out 2 to 3 times per week
  • Use a variety of equipment not usually found in local gyms
  • All of our members support each other and are working towards bettering themselves
  • Perform a mixture of strength training and high intensity cardio all in one workout
  • All of the Sculpt Fitness trainers are certified and college educated
  • A long and trusted reputation in Northeast Ohio
  • Proven results in helping both men and women lose weight and reshape their bodies
  • Begin at your starting point, not that of a large group
  • Workouts last 45 minutes to an hour
  • Customized program designed for your needs
  • Become part of a supportive community

Hear More About How Sculpt Fitness Has Changed Their Lives

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What Our Members Have to Say!

Here's What Is Included In Your First Gym Visit and Free Workout

  • Meet with a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer
  • Check out the facility and equipment selection
  • Find out your fitness starting point through our assessment
  • Go through a 30 minute FREE private workout with a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer

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Or Call Us!  330-907-4722