Personal Training Memberships

Sculpt Fitness wants to make things simple in helping you choose what personal training membership option is right for you. We offer two options that revolve around what we do best...individualized personal training in a private or small group setting. This gives you the best experience possible and keeps our gyms full of those who want to improve themselves and get the body they desire with the guidance of a personal trainer.

Choose One Of The Options Below To Learn More!

Private 1-on-1 Personal Training

Our private 1 on 1 personal training membership is almost guaranteed to bring you the results you are seeking! With this membership you'll meet with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer 2 to 3 times per week for a 45-60 minute workout that uses a variety of tools, equipment and exercises geared towards getting you to your fitness goal fast!

If you have a specific goal, injury or time frame for reaching your fitness goal, having a personal trainer design a workout plan just for you will be your best option!

Small Group Personal Training

Have a friend, spouse or co-worker who you are wanting to workout with? With our Small Group Personal Training Membership, you are able to workout with up to 4 people and still receive the guidance, attention and personalized instruction that comes with your own personal trainer!

Our personal trainers at Sculpt Fitness create a fun workout that involves teamwork, individualization for each person in the group, and a great way to spend an hour with your friends, co-workers or spouse.

Group Workouts (10-15 People Per Workout)

This Membership Option Is Only Available At The Sculpt Group Training Gym In Bath Ohio

Sculpt Fitness Personal Training has recently acquired the gym formerly known as Elite Fitness in Bath Ohio to create the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym! This gym is focused solely on group workout classes with class sizes of 10-15 people, a wide variety of class sizes and types to fit your fitness goal and lifestyle, and a team of trainers with proven experience helping men and women reach their fitness goals quickly!

Our group training membership at the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym in Bath Ohio allows you to maximize the group classes offered during the week, get the instruction and guidance you are in search of with our trainers, and start working towards the body you've been wanting.