Private Personal Training Membership

Choosing to work one on one with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer will give you the fastest route towards reaching your goal of a thinner, leaner, stronger body! 

With a private personal training membership you'll work one on one with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer a minimum of two to three times a week. We have had a very strong demand for both men and women wanting to work with a trainer privately because they do not want to be thrown in with a large group of people with different goals as them. They want someone designing a program just for them and holding them accountable.

Our private personal training membership gives you the attention, coaching and guidance from a Sculpt personal trainer which is greatly needed for a specific fitness goal. 

  • See Results Working With a Sculpt Personal Trainer 2 to 3 Times A Week

    One of the many benefits you’ll see when you begin working with a personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness at any of our locations in Northeast Ohio is that fat loss, strength gain and weight loss come fast!

    Our most successful gym members tend to see the best results working with a Sculpt Fitness trainer 2 to 3 workouts a week. Just think… for 2 to 3 hours a week you can begin seeing the results you’ve always wanted!

  • Personalized Workout Programs For Your Needs

    When you choose a Sculpt Fitness private training membership, you’ll be getting a program designed specifically for your needs, not the needs of a large group.

    Your trainer will use his or her knowledge and expertise to create a program that will get you to your goals the fastest using up to date training techniques, exercises and planning.

  • Gain Not Only A Trainer, But a Friend and Coach

    There can be many twists, turns and obstacles that you’ll run across in reaching your goal of weight loss or strength gain. It is very reassuring knowing that you have your very own coach, friend and trainer to help guide you along the way.

Session Rates Begin at $40.00 Per Workout