Helping men and women in the Akron area achieve his or her fitness goals with the area's best in private personal training and small group workouts since 2008. See why more and more individuals are choosing Sculpt Fitness and our private gym facility. 

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Akron's Best In Private Personal Training & Small Group Workouts

Welcome to Sculpt Fitness Personal Training, a private gym best known for offering the best in private 1-on-1 personal training and small group training in a 7,000 sq foot private facility in Akron Ohio. Over the past 12 years we have been very fortunate to have built up a strong reputation for having helped hundreds of men and women in the Akron area lose weight, increase strength, and reshape his or her body by working with our team of personal trainers.

By having a team of personal trainers with unique strengths and skill sets, a private gym that is kept super clean, has all the equipment needed for personalized workouts, and proven experience, we are confident that we can help you reach your fitness goals in a safe way!

Those who tend to do the best at Sculpt Fitness... have just started working out and are looking for a fitness professional to guide them, who enjoy the combination of having personal trainers lead smaller group classes where they can modify the workouts for their clients, or who have hit a plateau in their fitness routine and are in need of a well rounded program that can kick start their results again!

If we sound like what you have been searching for , or if you're still on the fence , take a look further down the site to learn more or give us a call! 😀

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See What Our Members Love The Most About Us!

Specialize In Private Personal Training & Group Workouts

We specialize in private 1-on-1 personal training along with group workout classes. Whether you enjoy the private coaching and guidance that come with working privately with a trainer, or want to workout with a group of others, we have the options to fit your needs.

No Traditional Cardio

We understand that no one really likes endlessly running on the treadmill for hours each week, which is why none of our workouts incorporate slow cardio. Each workout with your personal trainer will feature both strength and cardio exercises that are fun, varied, and different.

Personal Trainers Who Care

Each personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness has experience getting his or her client results, a proper certification, and a willingness to go above and beyond to help you achieve the results you want. 

12 Years Of Proven Experience

With over 12 years of being in business, we have been fortunate to have helped hundreds of individuals lose weight, shed body fat, and increase his or her strength! We feel honored for the trust we have earned in Northeast Ohio.



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