We’ve all seen it. That person who just walks into the gym, does a few spinal twists, standing quad stretches and is ready for a heavy set of back squats! Whatever the exercise may be, the first few reps always look like Forrest Gump breaking out of his leg braces!

This painful, unproductive process can simply be avoided through employing a 5 – 10 minute warm up routine before starting your weight training. Let’s take a look at some positives of a sound warm up before getting into an actual routine:

1. Reduces the risk of strains and pulls by increasing muscle elasticity
2. Muscular temperature is increased
3. Elasticity of muscles is increased, making them contract and relax more efficiently
4. Dilation of blood vessels, increasing blood flow
5. Improves range of motion pertaining to the body’s joints
6. Facilitates motor unit recruitment, enable us to be stronger
7. Eases heart to a workable rate before jumping into a session
8. Improves oxygen utilization
9. Reduces muscular stiffness from prior sessions
10. Increases mental focus

* Here is a quick warm up routine to get you started!

– Foam roll
– Neck rotations x 10 ea. way
– Arm circles x 10 ea. way
– Wrist circles x 10 ea. way
– Hip circles x 10 ea. way
– Leg swings x 10 ea.
– Jumping jacks x 30
– Bodyweight squats x 10
– Lunges x 5 ea. leg
– Burpees x 5
– 3 way planks x 30s ea.

* Remeber, get the body moving ad be creative! Try new movements and see what other experts are prescribing!

-By: Brig Van Etten CSCS-


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