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What'll You'll Learn In The 10 Step Guide To Find The Right Personal Trainer

  • Find Out The Signs Of A Good Personal Trainer

    It can be confusing understanding what to look for in a good personal trainer. You’ll learn secrets and tips needed to give you the confidence to choose the right trainer!

  • Learn What Should Take Place During a Proper Initial Meeting and Assessment

    Not every trainer is created equal in how they assess your body and fitness starting point. Learn what should take place during your initial trial visit and assessment.

  • Discover Warning Signs Of A Bad Trainer

    It can be hard to see what are signs of a good trainer and a not so good trainer. Discover some warning signs that this trainer is not right for you.

Sculpt Fitness Personal Training and It's Team of Personal Trainers Have Made A Difference in Men and Women's Lives all over Northeast Ohio

Sculpt Fitness Owner Josh Dickey's PortraitHi there!

My name is Josh Dickey, owner and founder of Sculpt Fitness Personal Training Gyms located in Cleveland, Akron and Hudson Ohio! I want to personally thank you for your interest in getting your FREE download of our 10 Step Guide For Finding The Right Personal Trainer For You! I hope that you can gain some useful tips and knowledge that can help you in the future when searching for a personal trainer. I understand and realize that not everyone is a great fit for every trainer. Even if Sculpt Fitness is not the eventual place you train at, it makes me happy knowing that I've helped educate you in navigating the search for the personal trainer who fits your personality and needs. When reading through the guide, you'll come across signs of a good trainer, things to watch out for in a bad trainer, and what you should do during your search!

Best of luck to bettering your health and fitness! I hope to possibly see in you in one of our Sculpt Fitness gym locations soon!


Josh Dickey B.S   CSCS

Sculpt Fitness Owner & Personal Trainer


Three Women in Northeast Ohio Who Found The Right Personal Trainers For Them!

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