Morning all !

People really got after the conditioning and strength workout yesteday. Let’s put that serious effort right back into Tuesday’s workout

Here we go:

AMRAP 25 minutes

Push up(use different variations) x10
Plyo box jumps x 10
Pull ups or body rows x 10
Bicycles crunches x 20
Plyo lunges x 10

***must finish these before time is up
3 road runs
3 farmer walks
15 tire flips

We are circuiting back through our last round of programs and we are upping the intensity a little bit. This is how we progress to make your all stronger people ! Let’s step it up!!!!!!

I feel like some people are really gonna step it up during this next round of programs. Find your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths !!!!

Train hard, train smart

Let me know any questions you may have
We are working on some new parts of the site including adding video footage of workouts and group workouts. Pumped to be moving forwards with all of you !!!!!

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