2024 Gym Updates

To our valued Sculpt Fitness members,
     As we near the end of 2023, we want to let every one of you know how appreciative we are to be the gym you call home, with many of you having been with us for many years. We don't take this for granted and keep this in front of our minds when thinking of how we can continue to provide top notch workouts with a quality team of trainers, adjust to make things better each year, and have a gym that has the right equipment and tools for your success.

      We have started this process of adjusting on how we can make things better and more streamlined going forward. The first step, which some of you have begun to notice, is that we are reducing the amount of gym equipment we have. These are pieces of equipment that we have in excess, leftover equipment from other locations that we aren't fully using, or that we just don't really use in our workouts. Reducing certain items will open up more space for workouts and allow us flexibility to invest in other things in the future that will improve the atmosphere and services at Sculpt Fitness. Nothing that we use a lot of in your workouts will be taken away, only the items we have too much of or don't use.
     The second thing we will be doing starting in February of 2024 is reducing the size of the gym. Our main room (the large room that you enter daily) which you use for the large portion of your gym workouts, will remain. For the amount of workouts and group classes that we have currently, we realized that we don't have a need for all the smaller rooms on the side when we usually use the large main room for most workouts. We are able to make our gym stronger and more efficient by focusing on our main room and making it the best it can be for both group classes and our private one on one workouts. 

     Lastly, starting this upcoming Wednesday, December 27th, we will be adjusting our 6am class time during the week to start at 7am on a regular basis. (Tuesday December 26th there will be no 6am class so we can prepare for the adjusted class schedule.) We have heard much feedback about how members aren't able to maximize the gym because all the gym space isn't available. With having a class at 7am, you'll have the ability to use the entire gym for your workouts! This also helps limit the amount of strain on our trainers who are being stretched working late hours in the evenings before and driving to our other on site locations for workouts. We feel that there will be more positives than negatives to this switch and having a full gym to use will make people happier. 

      In the coming weeks and months to start out 2024, we hope that you will see these changes we make as improvements to Sculpt Fitness, support us as we try to find ways to keep our business strong and have an open mind to the changes you see being made. We understand that not everyone will be happy with these changes, which we understand and can empathize with. Our goals continue to be that we have the top personal trainers in the area, offer both private one on one and group workouts in a supportive and welcoming gym environment, and continue growing from our early beginnings back in 2008 to where we are now and into the future with a strong gym that can last many more years.

        We are always here to answer any questions you may have and appreciate the feedback you have for us. We can be reached at 2162004810 .

Josh Dickey & Chad Maleski