5.Resistance Band Running

This is personally one of my favorite types of training not just for speed improvement, but for overall athletic training. Bands allow for a specific type of resistance that can be used in many directions and movements that transfer onto the field or court. I attach 2 or 3 average to heavy bands to a pole or bar and perform short bursts of sprints, backpedals shuffles and more. I perform explosive sprints several yards ahead until the band will not stretch any more. I reset and sprint again. You can also do lateral shuffles, backpedals, standing broad jumps and more!

The key is to fire off at 100% each time so you will train your body to fire off fast. Doing these slowly will not help you get faster, and will only fatigue you. I have become more explosive using bands and use them for each of my personal training clients and athletes as a way of speed training in small areas.

So What Next?

        By now you should have realized that it is not just about pretty running drills or feet drills that will take your speed to the next level through the past 5 posts. It comes down to using science as a means of developing a program that improves speed and athletic performance by a means of strength training, flexibility and plyometric training. When these are used together, they can provide dramatic improvements in speed and strength.

If your serious about improving your speed and want the help of experts and coaches who have first hand experience, feel free to contact us and schedule a free visit with us to show you how we can help you! More information about us can be found at https://www.sculptfitnesstraining.com

Sculpt Trainer,

Chad Maleski

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