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Work with the area's top performance coaches at The Dome in Canton Ohio. Improve your strength, run faster and increase your explosion on the court. 

Offering both small group athlete workouts and team training at our weight room at The Dome!

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How Working With An SSP Performance Coach Can Help You Improve In Your Sport

Our Gym Is On Site At The Dome.
A big hurdle to athletes making progress is making it to the gym on a consistent basis.

Having our gym on site allows you to maximize your time at The Dome. You can workout before or after you have court time! 
We Have The Ability To Train Both Individuals, Small Groups and Also Teams. 
We have experience training both individual and groups of athletes improve his or her strength, speed and explosiveness.

If you are a coach looking for a cost effective way to help your athletes,
reach out and we can discuss a group workout rate depending on team size.
We Have Experience & Proven Results. 
We have 4 plus years as an organization assisting multiple school programs, private teams and individual athletes take their game to the next level.
Performance Coaches Who Are Both Certified and Have A Degree In Training.
All of our coaches have college degrees, a training certification and multiple years experience helping a wide variety of sports and age ranges of athletes.
Options to work with us individually or in a team setting.
We offer multiple training options at The Dome!
You have the ability to work privately, in a small group athlete workout, or with your team. 

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Sculpt Sports Performance has been helping both individual and groups of athletes in a variety of sports for over 4 years! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

"What is Sculpt Sports Performance? I've never heard of that training program before."

Sculpt Sport Performance was created out of the demand we saw in Northeast Ohio for private and customized athlete training for youth through the collegiate level athlete back in 2019.

With a team of qualified and experienced strength coaches, a positive and highly regarded reputation in the area for a gym that has been around since 2008 (Sculpt Fitness Training Gyms), years of experience working with athletes from a variety of sports and age levels, we have the confidence to say we can help you take your performance to the next level by increasing your strength, speed, explosion/power, and reducing the risk of injury with a balanced training program based on your goals.

"What sports do you work with usually?"

We work with a variety!

We have experience working with entire school programs and individual athletes in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming, volleyball and more.

What we do is start with the athlete's starting point fitness level, and design a program that will help improve their strength, speed, agility and power.

"Do I have to be using The Dome with my team or renting court time to have access to work with an SSP coach?"


You do not have to already be using court time at The Dome to work with a sport performance coach at SSP. All you would need is to have a training membership or package with us to work with a sport performance coach.

"What age ranges of athletes do you work with?"

We work with middle school aged athletes all the way up to the collegiate and pro level.

"What does it cost to work with a SSP coach at The Dome?"

We have several different options that make working with a sport performance coach very cost effective!

If you work with a team, that price is adjusted based on the agreement with the coach and the amount of athletes participating. It could range anywhere from $10-15 per athlete per workout.

Our small group athlete workouts (consisting of 6-8 athletes) range from $20-25 a workout per athlete.

If you want the full attention and one on one training with a SSP coach, sessions are $60 for an hour workout. 

"How do I get started!?"

Fill out the form at the top of the webpage to let us know you're ready to start!

One of our strength coaches will reach out to learn more about you , your goals, what you are wanting to get out of training with us, and set up your first workout with us at The Dome!

You can also feel free to call or text us at 330-907-3812



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Head Strength Coach :      Caleb Wohlwend
Phone:     330-907-3812