Athlete Workouts For Those In Jr. High, High School And The Collegiate Level Wanting To Build Strength, Increase Speed, Agility, And Lower The Risk Of Injury With A Balanced Training Program Led By Akron's Top Personal Trainers.

Are you a current Jr. High, High School or Collegiate athlete in the Akron area wanting to run faster, increase your power and strength while reducing your risk of injury for the upcoming season?

Sculpt Fitness and our team of certified personal trainers have been working with many youth, high school and college athletes around the area, helping them take their game to the next level.

We want to do the same for you!

With our fully private 8,000' gym, we have the equipment, gym space and personal trainers with proven success to help you have a better season with individualized private workouts. We will take you from where you are at and week by week progress you in a safe and effective way.

See a bit of the action at Sculpt Fitness in Akron!

Watch some highlights of our strength coaches Caleb Wohlwend and Kevin Ocheltree take their group of middle school and high school athletes through a strength and speed workout.



Who's best suited to use athlete workouts at Sculpt Fitness?

Any student athlete from grade level 6 and up who is wanting to begin a fitness training program for the first time, to the experienced high school or collegiate athlete wanting to take his or her performance to the next level.

We get that training with the team and doing their own training program sometimes has it’s limitations, mostly being that it is hard to give each athlete the individual attention they need.

Working with the trainers at Sculpt Fitness, you will have the sole focus and guidance of your own certified personal trainer for multiple workouts a week.

What all are you able to help my athlete get better at if I chose Sculpt?

Our main areas of focus for when we are working with an athlete include helping them get stronger , fixing their body’s imbalances (which usually results in injury if you don’t correct them!) , increasing their speed and agility, and even sport specific drills to get he or she used to using their newfound strength in an athletic way!

How much does it cost to work with a personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness for athletes?

We offer a couple different packages for those wanting to work with our personal trainers at the Akron gym for sport performance training.

We have a 10 pack of workouts which can be used across a 2 month window. You will schedule your workouts with your trainer (usually 2-3 a week) and you will be charged each time they come in. It runs 60.00 per workout for a total amount of 600.00 .

Our 20 pack of workouts is available as well in a slightly reduced session cost of 55.00 per workout. If you are serious about wanting to take your game to the next level and are wanting to come in at least 3-4 times a week, we’d suggest this option!

Our last option would be a team training option. If you are a coach reading through this page wanting our help training your team in improving their performance, we can offer a team training package which is a custom amount per team. Reach out to us and we can see if there’s a fit!

Can teams sign up to work with Sculpt Fitness? Or is it just for individuals?


If you are a coach looking through this and wanting to learn more about how we would create a program led by our trainers for the entire team….give us a shout!

We currently are working with multiple teams from the area and they have had tremendous success working with us. Our head of the athlete program, Josh Dickey, can share more in person or on the phone if you’d like about the program’s successes.

How many workouts per week do most athletes come to Sculpt Fitness for?

If you are an athlete currently in season or working out with your team already during the week, we’d suggest 1-2 private workouts a week would do the trick.

If it’s the off-season and you are wanting to work one on one with a trainer for multiple months, we’d suggest 3-4 workouts a week with us.

If I purchase a package of sessions, do they ever expire?

Our 10 pack of sessions will be able to be used across a 2 month period.

Our 20 pack of sessions will be able to be used across a 3 month period.


If you're an athlete in northeast Ohio ready to take your game to the next level or parent wanting to give their son/daughter the best chance to succeed next season, we want to meet and see how we can help!

To get started, give us a call at 330-907-4722 , or select the button below to schedule a complimentary free workout and sports assessment!

If a parent wants to come in to watch their son/daughter workout, that's fine by us! No strings attached or commitment necessary if you don't think its a good fit.