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Lose Weight, Improve Your Strength and Reshape Your Body Quickly!

Are you satisfied with how your body looks, how it feels and are frustrated by previous attempts at exercising?

If you found yourself agreeing to any of the above questions we mentioned above, listen to the special opportunity that Sculpt Fitness Personal Training is offering for the residents of Canturberry!

Sculpt Fitness personal training is a private personal training gym that provides private one on one and small group personal training to both men and women in Northeast Ohio. Our Hudson gym location is located nearby to Canturberry residents on Akron Cleveland road and is able to provide easy gym access for those wanting somewhere close to workout!

We want to give you the opportunity to come in to our Hudson gym location to take us through a test drive to see if we are up to par in providing you the guidance, private attention and coaching to get you where you want to be physically. What you'll receive when you click the red button on this page is a fitness assessment and consultation with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer along with a private gym workout with your trainer. This is our way of taking the pressure off of you in deciding on a gym you know nothing about.

Let us prove it to you that we can help you lose weight, improve your strength and reshape your body. Hurry now because we only have the space in our trainer's schedules to invite 5 residents from Canturberry into the gym!


The Hudson Gym Location

  • 5824 Akron Cleveland Road Hudson , Ohio 44236
  • 330.285.0957

Here Is Everything You Will Receive With This Offer

Find Out Your Fitness Starting Point

Learn where you are from a fitness standpoint so you can better understand what your body truly needs to be healthy and fit. Meeting with our personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness in Hudson will give you the information needed to move forward in improving your body whether it continues at Sculpt or somewhere else.

Meet With a Personal Trainer And Learn How Beneficial It Can Be Having  A Coach To Guide You To Success

You'll receive the chance to meet with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer and have all of your questions and concerned answered that you may have before starting to work with a private gym. You will gain a better understanding of how that trainer can help you reach the goals you've set for yourself and what it will take to get you there.

Go Through a Private Workout at Our Hudson Gym Location

The best part of your visit to our Sculpt Fitness Hudson gym location is that after you find your fitness starting point and talk with one of our trainers, you'll get to go through a private workout! You'll go through a proper warm up and will use a variety of equipment showcasing how working in a private environment with your own trainer will take your fitness to another level. The private workout will last 30-45 minutes in length and will have your metabolism revved up for the rest of the day!

Jodi Has Reshaped Her Body And Has Never Felt Better!

Jodi has been training at Sculpt Fitness with her trainer Ashley several times a week and over a period of months has dropped inches and pounds off of her body. Through the unique style of workouts and use of a variety of exercises has allowed her metabolism to stay high throughout the week!

Trinity Has Toned Her Trouble Areas and Has More Confidence!

Trinity initially came to Sculpt Fitness wanting to improve her strength and to lose weight. Coming into the gym several times per week and staying consistent to healthy habits in and out of the gym has helped her to improve her muscle tone.

Why Offer A Free Workout?

Why would we offer you a free workout, fitness assessment and meeting with our personal trainers with no strings attached? This is something you may be thinking as you read about the successes's of others who placed their trust in us to reach their weight loss and strength goals.

We want to help as many people as we can look and feel their best inside and out. The best way to do that is to show you firsthand how having your own coach customizing an exercise program meant just for you will fast track your way to success!

If you're curious as to how Sculpt Fitness could help, click the button below, fill out the information to reserve your spot for a free workout and give us a try.

If you think we are the right gym for you, then you'll have the option to continue working out with your trainer. If not, then you are not committed to anything and are free to try another gym better fit for you.

Take Action Before All 5 Spots Are Taken

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privacy A Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer Will Be In Contact Within 24 Hours To Setup Your Visit!

You Have Nothing To Lose But Missing Out On The Possibility Of Finding the Solution To Reaching Your Fitness Goal

We want to help as many people as we possibly can feel better, look their best and achieve their fitness goal. We do this in a private and personalized way with personal trainers who have experience helping others reach their weight loss goal,improve their strength and reshape their bodies quickly! If your on the fence whether Sculpt Fitness could be the place for you, take advantage of this free offer to come in to the gym and experience what we have to offer.