hey guys and girls,

There is no doubt that you can get stronger than ever doing the big moves such as the deadlift,  power cleans, hang snatches and push press.   Those are plain and simple "BEAST" moves.   However,  in the gym we LOVE stepping outside the norm and throwing in some odd object strength tools.   

When people think upper body pull strength most people lean towards the pull up or chin up.  That is normal and I definately agree that both of those are great feats of strength.  But,  today we focus on  the rope climb !    Granted that most people don't have 15 foot rope hanging from their ceiling,  I am going to give ya some reasons why we are loving the rope for upper body pull strength at the Sculpt Fitness gym.

I love my clients to push themselves to get as strong as possible.  Whether they are elite athletes or weekend warriors,  strong bodies are healthy bodies.   So lets push it and all get as strong as we can !


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I love to hear what you guys and girls have to say about our stuff,  so drop a comment and let me know what ya think


Train Hard !


Your Trainer,

Josh Dickey

Owner of Sculpt Fitness

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