Hey guys and girls,

Finally !!!!! This week we actually saw some sunshine hah.
So what was the first thing we did ? Hit the pavment outside the gym for some good old outdoor workouts with some of the weekend warriors at Sculpt.

One of the ways we shake programs up around here is using some odd object strength training. This outside the box training is great for everything from building strength as well as getting the body in peak condition. This is one style that takes some instruction. We NEVER just throw our clients into this style of training. We will push people into it piece by piece. Maybe start with little sled dragging or farmer walking, then work our way into some movements with tires or sledge hammers or even some kegs.

As odd as it sounds, our clients and athletes really enjoy the odd object days of training because most people have never done strength traning with this stuff. The ladies seem to always feel better about flipping the tires or blowing some steam out smacking those things with a hammer hah.
There is a certain “beast” feeling that everyone loves once they finish one of these workouts.  So don’t hold back !!  Go outside the box and always find new ways to make your body strong and conditioned.

And man will they make you strong !!!!

Check out some of the Sculpt peeps hard at work and working on our tan on a much needed sunny day !

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mmt-oM5chRY&w=640&h=390]

Train hard, train smart,

Josh Dickey
Sculpt Fitness owner

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