• q-iconWhere are the Sculpt Fitness locations?

    The Sculpt Fitness Personal Training Gyms have two gym locations to choose from which are all in Northeast Ohio. They are both are focused on private and small group personal training.

    Our first gym is located in Akron Ohio at 2236 North Cleveland Massillon Road – Unit B, Akron Ohio 44333. It is great for those who live in work in Akron, Copley, Richfield and Fairlawn Ohio.

    Our second gym location is in Downtown Cleveland Ohio! The Cleveland gym location is 1468 West 9th Street, Cleveland Ohio 44114. Launched in the summer of 2016, the Cleveland gym offers two gym services, private and small group personal training.

  • q-iconWhat are the exercise programs that you offer at the gyms?

    Sculpt Fitness offers two exercise program options from men and women in the Akron area.

    Our main program option is private 1-on-1 personal training with a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer. This options allows you to work alongside our trainer in a one on one setting anywhere from 2 to 4 times a week in 30 to 45 minute workouts. This option is great for a specific goal or if you have a physical condition that needs a specially designed exercise program.Click Here to find out more about our private personal training at Sculpt Fitness.

    Our second fitness training program option is Small Group Workouts with up to 8 people per class. This allows people the opportunity to use our wide selection of kettlebells, cardio ropes, free weights and more in a broader exercise workout in a small group setting of up to 8 people.

    Workouts are designed for men and women wanting a challenging workout that can be adjusted based on your fitness level.Each Workout is new and different each time you come in, adding to the excitement and enjoyment of seeing results quickly and having fun while doing it. See more by Clicking Here about our Group Workouts.

    Our third option which has grown in the last couple of years is our athlete performance program. We work with a variety of sports teams in the area providing them with a strength and conditioning program for their athletes. We also work individually with athletes wanting to take his or her game to the next level.

  • q-iconWhat is the cost to train at Sculpt Fitness?

    Our training memberships at Sculpt Fitness come in various price ranges depending on your current fitness level, goals and needs, and availability during the week.

    Our starting private personal training membership rates begin at a starting rate of 140 per month and go up from there according to the amount of workouts you choose and the type of membership .We are offering a FREE private workout session as a way for those interested in finding out if we’d be a good fit for you! The workout includes a free fitness consultation, assessment and trial workout to get a feel for our style of workouts. 

    Our Group Training membership which allows you to come in as many times as you want during the week is only 155.00 a month!

  • q-iconWhat type of results have your other members seen since beginning at Sculpt?

    We have had many successful results from men, women and teenagers in Akron, Bath,Medina, Hudson and Cleveland Ohio are who have worked with our personal trainers at the Sculpt Fitness Personal Training Gym.

    We have had women lose 10,20,30 and even 60 or more poundsthrough working with us multiple days per week along with incorporating healthy eating habits.

    We have had men lose body fat from their midsection and gain strength and muscle in their arms, chest and legs. This brought back the V-Shape that was gone since their younger years. Through our unique cardio strength style of workout, we have catered to both men and women delivering both fat loss and strength gain in a complete fitness training program.

  • q-iconWhat makes Sculpt Fitness better for me than a local Cross-fit or other gym up the road from me?

    1.Custom and Specific Exercise Programs With a Personal Trainer:When a new member joins with us at Sculpt Fitness, they are trusting and believing in us to help them in reaching a fitness goal that is attainable. Part of reaching that goal is having a exercise training program designed for that person that takes into account their age, fitness level, physical limitations and goals. We will then build our exercise program for them taking all of those small details into account. None of our programs are a one size fits all.

    2.Our Reputation in Northeast Ohio and Akron:Since the beginning of Sculpt Fitness began back in 2008, there have been nothing but great results and awesome feedback from all of our members about their time at Sculpt Fitness. A lot of our members enjoy coming to our gym,working with the personal trainers and seeing the other gym members so much that many of our members have been here for multiple months and years. We have helped many men and women lose weight, tone up, and build strength. We pride ourselves on helping the people of Akron, Bath, Hudson Ohio and nearby areas better themselves through physical fitness.

    3.We Want You To Have Long Lasting Change and Life Improvement: We understand that the main reason you’d choose to work with us is to improve your health and fitness and reach a specific goal concerning your body . A large aspect of reaching that goal is improving other areas in your life that tie in and can affect the amount of success that you do have working with us at Sculpt Fitness. We want you to have long lasting change and improvement in your life and that comes through improving lifestyle habits and reducing stress outside of the gym. Along the course of time you and your trainer will look more into improving many areas of your life that can add to your fitness success!

  • q-iconIs this Cross-fit?

    No we are not. We have had this question asked quite a few times from people who notice that we do things very differently from many typical fitness centers in gyms in northeast Ohio.

    We do use a variety of equipment, exercises and unique things that separate ourselves from the rest. We take your individual goals, needs, physical fitness starting point and frequency of workouts per week to design the perfect exercise program for YOU! We won’t throw you into a large group boot camp class or make you do things you are not able to handle. 

    We will take it at a pace that is right for you and will gradually increase the workouts as your fitness level increases!