If you asked what is Sculpt Fitness best known for, we'd tell you it would be because of our one on one personal training service that we have been doing since 2008!

Working 1-on-1 with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer will fast track you towards fitness goals of weight loss, shedding body fat and increasing strength!

With over 12 years of experience helping men and women in the Akron area achieve his or her fitness goals working privately with their trainer, we have hundreds of current and previous members who vouch for us and will share the word on how we've made a difference in their lives.

Click Here to hear from some of our members here and their successes!

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Rather workout with a group of others than 1-on-1 with a trainer?

We have you covered! We have a variety of group class times ranging from cardio focused on the Versaclimbers to strength training with dumbbells and barbells!

Each class is led by a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer. They'll be able to guide, coach and adjust each exercise for each person, keeping you safe and working towards becoming stronger and reshaping your body.

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ATHLETE PERFORMANCE - Jr. High to Collegiate Level

Are you a current athlete in the Akron area or do you have a son/daughter wanting to improve their sport performance!?

Working with our personal trainers in either a one on one style athlete workout or a team setting can help them with improving their strength, speed, power and even lower the risk or injury when they are playing.

We have a great track record for working with many athletes in the Bath/Fairlawn/Akron area and even helping teams prepare together for their upcoming seasons with tremendous success.

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