Hey guys and girls,

My favorite comment when in conversation with other when our workouts are the topic is ” you guys are nuts”.

Are we ?

Not even freakin close ha ha. We have found something that our mind and body loves. It may have miserable when you first started but lets be honest. Everyone who has dedicated themselves to our gym and workouts find themselves day in and day out striving to get strong and fit as hell ! Keep up the good work guys and girls !

Here is our “funday friday”

As always we will start with our joint warmup and kettlebell and body weight warm up circuit.

1 Minute Strength Stations: 4 stations total, 6 rounds at each station

1. Kettlbell Swings or Kettlebell Super Swings x 1 min
2. Sled Drag/Pull x 1 min
3. Kettlebell or Dumbbell Farmer Walk x 1 min
4. Tire Flip/Team Tire Flip x 1 min

Lets see if the 6amers bring it !!!!
It set a great bar for all the guys and girls who are gonna tear it up throughout the day.

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