hey guys and girls,

Gonna be very honest when I say that tonight was an absolute BEAST night at the Gym.  Every single person, guy, girl, younger, older just went as hard as possible.   Dont get me wrong, every night is full of hard work and dedication at the Sculpt Training Gym.  There are just some nights in particular that you can just really feel the vibe and that was one of em !!!  NICE WORK ALL !!!!

Ok lets jump into fridays challege:  I am really feelin the slam balls btw……

Here we go:  Odd numbers ladder



Pull Ups

Slam Ball


Burpee x 8/Pull up x 8/Slam Ball x 8


If you have some juice left in the tank here is some free style ab options

3 sets of this circuit:

Russian Twists x 30

Leg Raises x 10

Get up Sit ups x 10


Lets put the hard work on repeat mode and get it in tomorrow !!!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart.


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