Hey yo !

Man there is some serious hype going down at the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym. Gonna be Crazy 6am tomorrow !!!

I felt it would be a good time to throw in a killer Friday Challenge:

Here we go: Challenge for time

Circuit 1: 1x
Swings x 50
Pull ups x 30
Snatches x 40 (r,l)
Squat Jumps x 100

Circuit 2: 1x through
Burpees x 30
Clean and Press x 30 (r,l)
Jump Ropes x 300
Rope Climbs x 4 or Modified Climbs x 8

Theres the challenge !!!! make sure you push yourself to the limits. Reminder that this workout is for time so let tear this challenge up !

Train Hard. Train Smart


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