hey yo!!!!

Well I just got in from workin at the Hudson gym and I will have to say its looking pretty bad [email protected] ha ha   Sculpt Fitness will be preaching strong effective workouts on both sides of town !

Well it was a shorter week this week and I saw people really gettin at it.  There is nothing i love to see more than people who are disciplined and completely dedicated to making themselves better and working to achieve their most wanted goals.   LOVE to see it guys and girls !!

Ok lets get strong this Friday:   5 rounds

Deadlifts or Sumo Squats or sandbag shoulders x 6

Dead Push ups (got some new weight to add if needed)  =) x 10

Body Rows x 10 (ropes or rings)

Plyo Lunges x 10

Slam Balls(try em kneeling !!!) x 10

Squat thrust (burpee with no push up or jump) x 10


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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