Happy Friday all !!! (soon to be)

Thursdays strongman challenge was without a hit a smash [email protected]# kicking workout !   We had guys and girls of all ages and sports outside on the drive getting strongggggg.  Members are just in a zone when that kind of training comes along.  EVERYONE wants to push it and work hard.

So now lets get back to some of our basics.  Some of what got us (and for some, this is new, and will help you) to the level of strong you are now.   Yep you guessed it.  Snatches !!!!!

One of my favorite ways to throw in a kettlebell snatch workout is to make it ladder style.   For some members who are not quite up to the snatches yet you will be performing snatch pulls (with one kettlebell).   Some of our advanced members can throw down the gauntlet and double up on the kettlebells if ya want.   We will be pairing the snatches with some jump roping,  a classic “old school” conditioning tool.

Heres the ladder:

10 down to 1 on the snatches

30 up to 40 revolutions on the Jump rope


10 snatches or snatch pulls

30 revolutions on the jump rope

9 snatches or snatch pulls

31 revolutions on the jump rope


Putting together some new programs across the board.   Looking forward adding new workouts to the mix and love seeing new faces in the crowd !


Train Hard, Train Smart


Ps- make sure you are putting those referral cards to good use !!!!!   We have had a few turned in =)

People seem to love hearing about the workouts we do and our unique style.  Lets get their butts in the gym and show em how we roll !!!

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