hey yo !

Tomorrow is Friday so we are gonna bring on the challenge !!!!!
I have really been feeling a certain movement for a little while so I figured….. why not make a challenge out of it !!!!!!!

So here we go: Farmer Walk Challenge Friday
Challenge is 22 minutes long.

Everyone is going to need 2 kettlebells of moderate weight. Remember that Farmers Walks can be on the heavier side also.

We will be starting in the back part of our lot, walking the bells all the way out to the street. You will then leave the bells, run all the way back to the starting spot and then continue to run back to your kettlebells and Farmer Walk them back.

We will continue this killer work for 22 minutes and see who can get the most rounds during that time.

May the best Farmer win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drop a comment below with any questions or hit up our facebook page.

6 amer’s, lets get it done. You guys and girls have been killing it lately leading the way for everyone for the rest of the day at the gym.

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