Happy friday !

We are always looking to  make our programs a great success for our members.  We have molded our style into effective and effecient workouts that build lean muscle, lose fat and increase conditioning.  Today we will be breaking the workout down into circuits.  There is no time limit, or amrap here.   Just find your weight and set a solid pace to execute a killer workout.

Here we go:

Circuit 1- go through 4 x(goal is minimal rest between sets)

kettlebell swings x 20

Pull ups or Body rows x 10

Overhead press x 6 right, 6 left (heavier weight)


Circuit 2 – go through 3 x (goal is minimal rest between sets)

Kettlebell high Pulls x 10

Burpees x 8

Plyo Box Jumps x 8


Circuit 3 – go through 4 x (goal is minimal rest between sets)

Rope Climb or Modified rope climb(x2)

Mountain Climbers x 20

Sled pulls or Prowler pushes x End of building and back


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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