Holy Heat !!!!!!!!!!!!

The good news is that most of the days training is indoors (your welcome).   The weights were hit hard and heavy this week by all, including myself.  Lets rock out this Friday with some good ol’ conditioning.

Here we go:

1 Minute at each station x 6 Rounds for a total of 24 minutes of Kick [email protected] hard conditioning !

Kettlebell Swings

Rope Variations

Shuttle Runs

Squat Thrust


To give everyone a heads up,  we will be starting our new member referral program next week.  Each group member will be given 3 referral cards to hand out to potential new groupies =)   For each 3 you bring in you have the options of :

– Discounts on memberships

– Sculpt Shirt (and hopefully some new unique gear)

– Robeks gift Cards

We love seeing all our peeps achieving and getting stronger !!!!!!!!!!    The success and growth of our workouts and gym is just as much of an achievment on your part as it ours.   THANKS !!!!!!!!!


With all this killer heat,  lets just pretend like this place is right down the road………

Beach Paradise beach desktop.jpg


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