Hey Sculpt crew !

Time to tear up some body weight work.   We have been on the kettlebells and odd object stuff for a bit.  So we are gonna tear up some serious body weight work.

Without delay:

Circuit 1 x 5 rounds

Travel Push Ups x 10

Plyo Jumps x 6

Rope Climbs x 1 or x 2 for modified climbs

Plyo Lunges x 12

Wall Walks x down and back


Circuit 2 x 5 rounds

Kettlebell swings x 15

Kettlebell Step ups x 6 (r,l)

Snatches x 5 9r,l)

Kettlebell Single arm high pull x 6 (r.l)


Its Friday so lets start the weekend off right !!!!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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