Happy Friday all !  (even though with my hurrican- no pun intended,  week it feels like tuesday)

Being away from the gym for a while was a great time to relax and let my mind wander.  However,  on the plane ride home I started to get excited to get back in the saddle !   We have so much awesome stuff getting ready to drop for the Sculpt Fitness Gym in the next few months,  I was chomping at the bit to get back in the office and get everything brewing again.

It also brought me back to the fact that I sincerly love my job.  It is not everyday where someone can wake up at 5am in the morning day in and day out and be excited to go to work.  Being around hard work and dedication and intensity that I have help create is extremly addicting for me.   At this point in time in my career if I am happy with what has been achieved, I cannot wait for what the future of Sculpt has in store for myself as well as all of you !

But enough of the sappy talk…..  Lets get down to business !

3 on the 30’s

We did this workout not too long ago and I know it got to a few of the members.   So I have decided to bring her back.

The timer will start and go for 30 seconds.  In that 30 seconds you must get 3 reps of the movement.  However much time of that 30 seconds is left over after those 3 reps is your rest period.  You will continue this trend for 5 mintues at each movement !   You get 1 minute or so of rest in between each 5 minutes movment.

Snatches or Snatch pulls




If there is anything left in the tank,  you crazy kids can rip through 4-5 sets of 10-20 reps of free style abs.

mix in some :

Russian Twists

Mountain climbers

Leg raises

Bicycle crunches


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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