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Let us Help You Become Our Next Success Story! We've Been Able To Help Men and Women Lose Weight,Drop Body Fat and Strengthen Their Bodies in A Different Way Than Anything Else Available In The Area.

"Would You Be Interested In Learning  And Discovering A Way" To Dramatically Lose Weight, Gain Strength and Reshape Your Body With a Personalized Program Made For YOU?

Have you been in search of a way to lose those stubborn 15-20 pounds that won't seem to come off, even after you've tried the local fitness centers, Crossfits, or gyms near you?

Are you looking to find a way to reshape your body, gain strength, while at the same time shedding body fat that is covering your muscles? This all is possible and can be done in a fast yet healthy way, allowing you to keep the weight off, and feeling strong and lean!

The type of program I'm speaking about is available at Sculpt Fitness Personal Training, which has two locations, in Akron-Medina near Fairlawn Ohio as well as Hudson Ohio.

Who Are We?...and Why Should You Listen To Us?

We're the Sculpt Fitness team of personal trainers!

We've been very fortunate to have been able to see many men and women in Akron, Fairlawn,Hudson and most recently in Medina Ohio achieve their weight loss and fat loss goals in a short amount of time.

The big reason that they have reached their goals so quickly is because of their commitment and motivation in following all parts of their program that we have set up just for them that incorporates various fat burning techniques not found and used at many fitness center's.

The results speak for themselves as you'll quickly see.

Men and Women who have signed up to work with us have quickly shed several pant sizes, fit back into clothes that we're thrown into the back into the closet, and have dropped body fat that they never thought they could get rid of.      

Our growth really exploded and took off at our previous location in Fairlawn after years of helping men and women reach their fitness goals in a way that is personal, caring, and in a positive gym environment.

We outgrew our previous location because we weren't able to handle the amount of people desiring our personal training services!

We had to expand and look for an area and location where we felt would be the next chapter of Sculpt Fitness...


"What Makes Us Unique and Different?"

  • 1

    An Individualized & Personalized Program for Each Member

    For each person that becomes a member at Sculpt Fitness, we go through a detailed and thoughtful assessment and consultation so we can understand how we can best help you. Each person requires a program meant just for them. We take the information given during the initial visit and during each following workout to help us cater to you to give you all the tools for reaching your goals!

  • 2

    No Traditional Cardio! (Treadmills, Stair Steppers, Ellipticals etc)

    You will not find a wide selection of treadmills, ellipiticals, spin bikes, step up machines, or anything similar of that matter. We like to mix things up and use other exercises and equipment that provides a mixture of strength training and high intensity cardio. This helps you develop strength and body and at the same time sheds body fat revealing toned muscles.

  • 3

    Caring, Knowledgeable, and Uplifting Personal Trainers

    Each person who works with us at Sculpt Fitness will have our full attention and priority. you will receive guidance, support and coaching each time you come into the gym for a workout. We enjoy seeing you succeed and will help you in anyway they can when you need advice or have questions. We are most known for encouraging and providing a positive gym environment and coaching experience that promotes success in reaching your goals.

  • 4

    A Welcoming Gym Environment Where You'll Always Feel at Home and Happy to Be Here

    We take to heart and understand how daunting of a task it can feel beginning on a fitness journey and wanting to change your health for the better. Going to the gym for the first time or anytime can be intimidating and awkward if your not at the right place for you. When you come to any of our Sculpt Fitness locations, you'll be with other members who have the same fitness goals as you, to improve their health and their bodies, as well as trainers who want you to be excited and happy to come to the gym. We're all wanting to better ourselves, you'll feel welcome and at home when coming to Sculpt Fitness! 🙂

"Imagine This For Just a Moment"

            Lets just say that after going through everything on this page while taking notice of the drastic changes our members with similar goals as you have received while working with our trainers at Sculpt, you decide to take advantage of the Sculpt Fitness Test Drive

           You have a great experience initially upon meeting the Sculpt Staff and Trainers and notice that they take to heart your goals, what you are looking for in a trainer, and the stumbling blocks you have had in the past.                

             You have a great feeling and have an awesome talk, assessment and trial workout with your trainer.  You can begin to see yourself continuing to workout with Sculpt Fitness knowing that they would give you the top of the line workout and training experience that you desire.              

          Several Months into the Future… You’ve decided to continue working with your trainer and have been dedicated and consistent. You have been giving one hundred percent while following your trainer’s advice. Its finally time to recheck and see how much your body has positively changed in the short period of time….                

         What would be the first thing you would feel and think after looking down at the scale and noticing that you’ve lost those 20 pounds that you never thought would never come off? or hearing your trainer tell you of how many inches you have shaved off in the areas you wanted to lose it the most!            

           This could actually be your experience when choosing Sculpt Fitness as the place you want to change your life and body for the better! 

"Have You Come Across One or More of These Sticking Points?"

There could be a few key reasons why you have come across obstacles that are slowing you down from having the body you want and feeling great inside and out!


  • 1

    Lack of Accountability and Motivation

    A crucial part in succeeding and reaching any type of goal is having consistency, motivation and accountability to keep you on the right track. Not having an internal drive that is strong in keeping you on a fitness program can easily derail the positive intentions you have in bettering yourself and your health.

  • 2

    "I Don't Know The First Thing About How to Create and Follow a Program On My Own"

    Does This Sound Like Something You've Thought Or Said?
    "It can be intimidating and scary starting a exercise program and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work! I've learned tips and things along the way that have helped, but I haven't had the knowledge and willpower to follow a program with no one's help."

  • 3

    "I've Tried Other Boot Camps, Crossfits and Gyms Around the Area, But They Didn't Feel Right For Me"

    This is something a lot of our current Sculpt Fitness members said when first stopping in to see our gym. They mentioned about how they've gone to the bootcamp or Crossfit near them and felt out of place with the high intensity of the class and the lack of personal attention. Not every gym is a fit for everyone. Don't let that stop you from searching for a place to call home!

Find Out If Sculpt Fitness Is Right For You By Test Driving Our Gym!

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"The Solution To Get You On The Right Track Towards Getting The Body You Want"

It Begins With...Our Fitness Test Drive

Now you may be asking to yourself...

"I'm curious to see if Sculpt Fitness can help me lose the weight I haven't been able to lose. I like seeing that they have proven results with other men and women who are in a similar place as I am. If they saw that big of a change in their bodies and themselves, why can't I do the same?"

The team at Sculpt Fitness wants to see all of it's members succeed!

The best way that we are able to help is by helping with what we are most known for... our personal training services combined with providing nutritional guidance and support.

The combination of personal training , nutrition, and private coaching has been amazing in helping the people of Medina and Akron to lose fat and regain muscle that was lost or that they didn't even know they had!

Here's What We Came Up With!

Thinking back through the years at all of our most successful personal training members at Sculpt Fitness, we looked for what made them such a big success, when before they came to us they were struggling to lose weight and improve their fitness.

We realized that after someone would experience their first Sculpt Workout with one of our trainers, they had a Light Bulb moment of realizing that everything they were doing at Sculpt Fitness was such a change from what they were used too...and they could understand how many positive changes such as an increased energy and clothes showing signs of become looser would become reality quickly.

In Wanting to Give Those An Opportunity to Go Through the Sculpt Experience Firsthand....

We came up with an idea to give other people the chance to see the same success and happiness our other members have come to find.


"Introducing the Fitness Test Drive!"

The Fitness Test Drive that we have put together for those wanting to lose weight, tone and strengthen, and lose body fat is a program that focuses on what brings you the fastest results which are...

One on One private personal training 

Nutritional Support and Guidance

Coaching , Accountability & Providing a Positive Environment for Success

This program was put together as an easy and effective way for you to go through several workouts with one of our personal trainers, find out first hand what Sculpt Fitness is about while learning a lot of cool health tips that you can use in and out of the gym.

It's your choice what you choose to do after your fitness diagnosis,assessment and workout Your more than welcome to continue on with your trainer and continue to see the results pour in quickly!

If you find that you've enjoyed the workouts but think it isn't quite something you'd stick with and continue, you'll still come away having an enjoyable time at our gym.

The choice is yours!

Now...lets get to the good stuff! Here all is what you''ll receive and experience with the  Sculpt Fitness Fitness Test Drive

BENEFITS Of Our Personal Training Memberships

  • No more wasting time doing exercises, diets, and programs that you aren't sure will work or not.
  • Reach your goals faster with the help of your own personal coach and trainer!
  • Feel better inside and out!
  • Feel and have an increased energy and vitality throughout the day! (It's the first thing our members tell us they have when they begin at Sculpt)
  • Bust through plateaus and obstacles that have held you back previously
  • Lose weight that has been fighting you in coming off
  • Burn body fat during each workout and when you leave your workout!
  • Gain strength and do exercises you never thought you'd be capable of doing!
  • Fit into those smaller dresses or work pants that you've had shoved in the back of the closet
  • Look and feel more confident and attractive

"Some Before & After's of Members Who Changed Their Bodies and Lives After Choosing Sculpt Fitness"

FEATURES of the Fitness Test Drive

  • A Special Free Download Of Our Recipe Ebook

    As part of the Fat Loss Starter Package, you’ll receive instant access to our 42 Fat Burning Recipes Ebook that will give you plenty of ideas in preparing healthy meals.


  • Work With a Sculpt Trainer in a Private Workout

    Get to experience firsthand how beneficial and easy reaching your fitness goals can be when you have a certified and knowledgeable personal trainer designing a program specific for your needs.

  • Find Out Your Body's Strength and Weaknesses in Our Body Diagnosis

    Whether you decide to continue after your package has completed or not, it will be valuable to have gone through our body diagnosis with a Sculpt trainer to see where your weaknesses and strengths are. This will help you wherever you decide to go.

  • Effective Workouts That Change Your Body Quickly

    The specific and unique ways our trainers design and create a program special for you promote fast changes in the body. They do this through using different types of strength training and cardio that when combined, speed up your metabolism!


  • Fit into a Small Dress, Pant Size, or Swimsuit & Feel Great About It!

    You’ll definitely see the start of positive changes from the initial set of workouts in this package that will let you know your body is shedding fat in a hurry. Fitting into a smaller outfit is a realistic goal that is achievable!

  • Feel Energized and Healthy All Day After Your Workout

    One of the first things our clients notice after they start with us is that their body starts to “wake up” in a way and feels energized. The rest of the day fly’s by as they have the drive to finish the day strong.

What You'll Get With Our Fitness Test Drive

Instant Online Access to Our 42 Fat Burning Recipes

Upon choosing and completing the sign up process for your Fitness Test Drive, you'll receive instant online access to our "42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes" Ebook.

This is a key part of reaching your fat loss goal along with any other fitness goal. Eating healthy food choices is crucial to giving your body the proper fuel to recover from your workouts as well as keep your metabolism in fat burning mode.

Fitness Breakdown and Diagnosis

The Fitness Diagnosis is a great way for the Sculpt Trainers to understand where you are at from a fitness and health standpoint, understand obstacles and difficulties you may have come across previously in trying to lose weight, and in assessing the best type of workout and exercises that would benefit you the most.

This will be the first thing that takes place in coming in to Sculpt Fitness.


A Private One-on-One Workout With a Personal Trainer

Sculpt Fitness has become very well known and respected in Akron and Medina Ohio for the results it has helped many men and women achieve. They have shrunken their waists, have increased muscle tone and strength, and increased energy and vitality that they didn't believe was possible before working with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer.

You'll be going through a 30-45 minute workout with a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer. The workout will include a variety of movements, exercises that will keep your heart rate elevated, which is key towards increasing the rate that your body burns fat.

After you choose to take advantage of the Fitness Test Drive, a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer will be contact within 24 hours to set up your initial meeting and workout.

Coaching & Support In and Out of the Gym

A huge benefit of having a personal trainer to assist in guiding and coaching you on your fitness goal is that you have someone there to help you during the successful times and the obstacles that everyone may face during their journey.

As part of the fitness fat loss package, you'll be guided by one of the Sculpt Fitness personal trainer during each of your workouts.

Each trainer that works at Sculpt cares about seeing you succeed and reach your goals. They are always there to answer a call or text when you need advice or guidance outside of the gym.That benefit is extremely handy in creating your habits that are healthy!

"I'm On Board In Trying the Fitness Test Drive!" Whats the Next Step I Take?

You now have learned several key and important things about Sculpt Fitness and our Fitness Test Drive that we are offering as a way to give the people of Medina, Akron and Hudson a chance to experience the positive changes in the body that You are wanting.

We have proven results and have been able to help many men and women lose weight, gain strength, and reveal a more toned body by working with a Sculpt Fitness Personal Trainer.

We have answered most of the main concerns and questions that you may have thought of in reading about the package, hopefully alleviating any concerns you had.

We have packaged our best services, our one on one personal training, into a quick start package that will get you on the fast track towards reaching your goal.

The next step... Scroll just a bit further and choose to Schedule Your Fitness Test Drive now to get started!

After your visit at Sculpt, you'll be more than welcome to continue with us, if now feel free to take some pointers from your time with us and continue on in reaching your goals in the way that feels best to you!

Bottom Line is,

For the time you would of spent having a night out enjoying an unhealthy meal and a couple cocktails with friends or family, you could instead use the same amount of time coming to learn more about improving and changing your health and body at one of our locations.

You have the opportunity to change your health, work with a results oriented personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness, receive access to dozens of fat burning recipes, as well as finding out where your body's strengths and weaknesses are by choosing the Fitness Test Drive!


money back logo

Risk Free - No Commitment Required

The Sculpt Fitness Fitness Test Drive is a risk free personal training trial visit that includes the following. One private personal training sessions with a Sculpt personal trainer, a 42 Recipe E-book Access, Initial Consultation and Assessment. This is a risk free trial that allows you the ability to experience Sculpt Fitness and it’s personal training services.

P.S.  Don't let this great chance to pass you by. Don't settle for going alone or blindly following the newest fitness fad, product, or promise that sounds too good to be true. Sculpt Fitness has helped many people change and improve their lives for the better through its personal trainers and training design. You truly can look and feel better inside and out! Let us help guide you along that journey.

What decision do you think will benefit you the best?

Choosing the Fitness Test Drive (Which is 100% Risk Free!)  and taking the first step towards bettering yourself and your health while gaining valuable knowledge in how to take care of you body....


Not taking any action at all, continuing with what you've been doing, maintaining your current state of health, and letting others grab this offer and begin losing weight and improving their bodies.

The choice is yours..

Find Out If Sculpt Fitness is The Right Place For You By Test Driving Our Gym!

Fill Out The Form Below To Schedule Your Fitness Test Drive!


Frequently Asked Questions about Sculpt Fitness

Where are the Sculpt Fitness Gym Locations?

Our Medina gym address is 1133 Medina Road, Suite 600 in Medina Ohio. It is really easy to find and is right off Route 18!

Our Hudson gym is located in Hudson at 5824 Akron-Cleveland Road , Hudson Ohio 44236

How does the the Sculpt Fitness Test Drive Work?

The Fitness Test Drive is our way of giving people a non risk, non committal opportunity to learn and experience how beneficial and helpful it can be to work with a personal trainer in a private and positive gym environment.

The trial includes one private personal training session with a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer along with an informational recipe e-book as well as an initial meeting and assessment during your first visit.

If you do not wish to continue working with us after the trial, your are welcome to do so! If you love the experience and want to continue working with that trainer, you will be able to do that as well!

What if I love the workout experience and really can see myself continuing to train at Sculpt Fitness?

We really do hope that you have a great time with one of our trainers and start to see many positives in training and trusting Sculpt Fitness to help you towards your fitness goal. If you want to continue on after your fitness test drive, you and your trainer will decide which of our personal training memberships would work best to help you reach your goals in a quick yet safe manner.

If you do not wish to continue with us, you'll still walk away picking up some helpful workout tips along with a cool recipe ebook!


"I Don't Know If I Really Have the Time To Exercise, It Must Take Hours and Hours of Workouts To Reach My Goals!"

We won't go as far as to say that with only 30 or 60 minutes a week you can achieve a beach body of your dreams

It does take time and commitment towards really making big changes to your body, but their not anything that is not out of reach! Our most successful personal training clients at Sculpt Fitness tend to come in with their trainer 2 to 3 times a week, adding up to around 2 to 3 hours a week.

Compare that to 168 hours that are in a week, and it isn't much time to invest in your health.

"What Personal Training Options Are There If I Want To Train At Sculpt Fitness?"

Sculpt Fitness offers several exercise program options from men and women in the Akron area.

Our main program option is private personal training with a Sculpt Personal Trainer. This options allows you to work alongside our trainer in a one on one setting anywhere from one to three times a week. This option is great for a specific goal or if you have a physical condition that needs a specially designed exercise program.Click Here to find out more about our private personal training at Sculpt Fitness.

Our second fitness training program option is our Semi-Private Personal Training . This allows people the opportunity to use our wide selection of kettlebells, cardio ropes, free weights and more in a broader exercise workout in a small group setting of up to 4-6 people.

On average, we tend to start our training at 6am and finish at 7pm in the evenings during the weekdays. We would have your workouts within that time frame.

"What Results Have the Majority of Sculpt Members Received Working With The Personal Trainers Here?"

We have had many successful results from men, women and teenagers in Akron,Medina and the Hudson area who have worked with our personal trainers at the Sculpt Fitness Personal Training Gym.

We have had men and women lose 10,20,30 and even 60 or more pounds through working with us multiple days per week along with incorporating healthy eating habits.

We have had men lose body fat from their midsection and gain strength and muscle in their arms, chest and legs. This brought back the V-Shape that was gone since their younger years. Through our unique cardio strength style of workout, we have catered to both men and women delivering both fat loss and strength gain in a complete fitness training program.

Do I have to be in shape to take part in the Fitness Test Drive?

Being "in shape" is definitely not a requirement to take advantage of the Starter Package!

Some of our best members at Sculpt Fitness are those who thought that they weren't in a condition to begin training with us. Now their pictures are the ones you see on this page after having a major transformation!

Click Here to Learn More About Other Asked Questions