Our small group workouts have become popular in the Akron area those who want to workout with others in a cost effective way while having the guidance of some of the best trainers around!

With a cap of 6-8 people in each class, we allow for plenty of spacing for our members to keep them safe.

With multiple class times available each day, a variety of workout equipment available, personal trainers who instruct and modify the workout for your needs, and a positive gym atmosphere, we have everything you need to reach your fitness goals!

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Group member Tara shares what brought her to Sculpt Fitness and why she loves coming multiple times a week for her group workouts!



Our Sculpt-Fit group workout has picked up in popularity the last couple of years because of the private style feel of the class. Sculpt Fit is a well balanced small group class that focuses on a mix of strength training and cardio that'll hit your whole body! You will have the focus of a Sculpt Fitness trainer for the entire workout, giving workout cues and modifying the workout based on each individuals needs.

Each day there is a different workout of the day. This class has huge variety and can include cardio, barbells, ropes, pull ups, squats, sleds, & everything else our expert personal trainers build. This is our version of circuit training.



Download the Sculpt Fitness App in the App Store as well as Google Play Store. See available class times, group membership options available, and ability to pay for your membership too.

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"What all is included in the all access group training membership?"

Our all access group membership gives you the ability to workout as many times as you want each week!

You can choose from any of our classes offered at any of the times listed during the day.

This membership is 155.00 per month and will auto renew on a monthly basis.

"Can I just drop in here and there for a workout?"

Yes you can!

We have two different options if you don’t see yourself using the group classes very frequently.

You can purchase a 10 pack of sessions for 155.00 or pay a drop in fee of 15.00 per class.

"I saw that you guys offer personal training, can I do both private training and group classes?"


If you sign up for a group training membership but want to add additional private workouts with our personal trainers, we can offer you those workouts at a discount since you now have the group training membership!

Bring that up to the trainer after your free group class and they can assist you in having both group and private workouts each week. 🙂

"Is this a Crossfit gym?"

No way!

We are not affiliated with Crossfit and it’s style of workouts. We do offer a variety of workout types in a group setting, but we won’t just throw you into the fire with an intense circuit that you are uncomfortable doing.

We will assist you from where you are starting from in a fitness standpoint, and will help you progress each and every week.

"I'm a bit weary of joining a group gym, I've done it before and it's always so competitive against the others members! Is Sculpt Fitness the same?"

We confidently can say that we do not put a primary focus on competition or doing more than you should from a safety standpoint. We understand that when people compete against each other or try to lift more weight than they can handle, the focus is taking away from improving his or her health, and instead is about trying to out do one another.

We will encourage you to your very best, push yourself when you feel up to it that day, or to dial it back a bit if your form isn’t quite up to par that day.

"I'm ready! How do I get started?"

The first step is to either give us a call at (330) 907-722 , email us at [email protected] , or drop in to see us at 2236 N Cleveland Massillon Rd, Akron, OH 44333


To get started at with group workouts, give us a call at 330-907-4722 , or select the button below to schedule a complimentary group workout!

After you choose which workout class you'd like to come to , you'll meet with a personal trainer shortly before class to fill out some health history forms, followed by your group class.

If you think we are the place for after that, the trainer will help you afterwards in choosing the all access group membership or a 10 pack of classes. No strings attached or commitment necessary if you don't think its a good fit.

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