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Sculpt Fitness now offers group training classes only at it's newest gym location in Bath Ohio! Workout with groups of 10-15 people led by the area's in-demand trainers, at a gym focused only on group style workouts.

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Attention To Those In The Akron, Bath, Richfield, Hudson & Cleveland Ohio Area!

Continue Reading Further If You Are Wanting A Group Training Workout That Is Designed For Your Individual Needs, With A Variety Of Class Times And Types, With The Area's Top Trainers,With The Proven Experience Helping Others Achieve A Thinner Stronger Body Fast!

Sculpt Fitness Personal Training has recently acquired the gym formerly known as Elite Fitness in Bath Ohio to create the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym! This gym is focused solely on group workout classes with class sizes of 10-15 people, a wide variety of class sizes and types to fit your fitness goal and lifestyle, and a team of trainers with proven experience helping men and women reach their fitness goals quickly!

OurĀ group training membership at the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym in Bath Ohio allows you to maximize the group classes offered during the week, get the instruction and guidance you are in search of with our trainers, and start working towards the body you've been wanting.

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Features Of A Sculpt Fitness Group Training Membership

  • Group Classes That Have a Class Limit of 15 People, Allowing Sculpt Trainers To Give You Proper Guidance and Instruciton
  • A Range of Class Times And Workout Types, Giving You Options To Fit Your Needs And Wants
  • Adds Variety To Your Current Fitness Routine
  • A Cost Effective Way To Work With A Personal Trainer

More Class Times & Options Can Be Found By Clicking The Button Below! You will be taken to our scheduling system to select the right class for you.

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Workout Class Types


    If you want a workout that will force you to shower up afterwards …this is the class for you! One of the Sculpt Fitness personal trainers will lead you through a workout that focuses on improving your cardiovascular endurance through a variety of exercises and movements geared towards keeping your heart rate at a high level throughout the workout.

    Can be very beneficial if you enjoy cardio at your typical fitness center but have become bored or unhappy from the lack of results. (You will not find any treadmills at the Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym in Richfield)

    Class Size Is Limited To 15 People

  • FLEX

    If you are one who enjoys their cardio yet wants to incorporate weight training into your workout, we would suggest giving FLEX a try! With a FLEX class, you’ll be incorporating a mixture of both cardio and strength exercises which combined can rev up your metabolism big time! This is great for improving your strength, muscle tone and shedding body fat all in one complete workout.

    Class Size Is Limited To 10 People


    What is one part of the body that comes to mind when you think of a toned body? If you picked core or abs, we have a class that focuses on working your core from every angle!

    With our CORE BLAST class, you’ll be instructed by a Sculpt Fitness personal trainer in this well developed workout that will be sure to have your abs burning the next day. You’ll use a variety of equipment and movements that will build your abdominal strength and stability.

    Class Size Is Limited To 15 People


    The SCULPT H2T is the workout that best sums up what Sculpt Fitness is all about in a group workout. If you choose to partake in this class, you’ll get to experience a complete full body workout with a focus on strength training, cardio and a detailed focus on adjusting the workout for your individual needs.

    This workout will build your body’s overall strength, endurance and leanness because of the higher intensity and focus on using the whole body. This would be our pick for a first workout to try and add into your weekly routine!

    Class Size Is Limited To 10 People


    The SCULPT FIT workout is our mainstay choice giving you the most flexibility in class times. It is led by head trainer Kyle Rowse who promises to deliver a full body workout routine that is new and exciting each time you walk in the gym doors!

    This workout will also focus on improving your body’s overall strength, endurance and leanness because of the higher intensity. This would be worth trying and incorporating into your fitness routine!

    Class Size Is Limited To 10 People

Where Is The Group Training Gym Located?

Sculpt Fitness Group Training Gym


2236 North Cleveland Massillon Rd

Unit E

Akron Ohio 44333


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