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Man what  a weekend,  weather was killer and I had a nice clear schedule on Sunday so you know what that means.  Outdoors it is !

While I was out there basking in the sun on the water, I decided that everytime I take my workout outside it straight up re-charges my workouts inside the gym.   Trail running, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, no matter what I am doing it adds complete variety to my workouts.

I immediately thought about my clients, members and all our followers.  Some of our Sculpt people are just tearing up the gym workouts and have been adding more and more activites and goals for them to reach.  How can I expand our fun to the outdoors ? I have some killer ideas I will be throwing out there in the next week or so =)

I tore it up in my kayak on sunday and I felt like a million bucks.  What a killer workout that is and I left the kettlebells and sandbags at the gym.   Woke up this morning and my body felt strong and refreshed.

Point being, you dont need endless hours in the gym to get your workout all the time and I recommend leaving the gym and doing your workout outdoors to shake it up.  Of course I eat, breathe and sleep our workouts at the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym and by no means am I saying stop all that.  If you ask anyone in our gym what our goal is, they will tell you that at Sculpt we want our clients to be able to do it all !  Strength, mobility, agility, endurance is our combo.   Your goal should be so that you can go and do any movement you want !!

Variety is the spice of life.  Now plug your workouts into that….  Check it out out the vid


Dont let the Gym Walls contain !


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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