About Sculpt Fitness

Find Out How Sculpt Fitness Initially Started and How It Has Quickly Grown


Sculpt Fitness began as an in home personal training business in 2005 created by trainer and owner Josh Dickey. Most of the members at Sculpt at the time were trained in home using their own equipment that they at. Some times it was an extreme home gym or just several pieces of equipment. Later in 2008 Josh opened up a small training studio which allowed the Sculpt Fitness clients to come in and use a specific set of equipment. It allowed for more people to come in and train.

March of 2011 began the beginning stages of the growth from Sculpt Fitness being an in home personal training service or training done in a small studio, to being a gym filled with a team of certified and highly skilled personal trainers. The Bath facility doors were opened bringing with it a modern industrial look of a private training gym. It has 1800 square feet of training space which provided the opportunity to help even more men and women in the Akron area improve their health and fitness with one of the Sculpt Personal Trainers!

In 2012 our second facility, The Hudson Gym,  was opened up in the Hudson on Akron-Cleveland road. It was Sculpt Fitness's next step in its growth as being one of the top training gym's in North East Ohio. The desire for Sculpt's training services in the Hudson and Twinsburg area led to the 2400 square feet gym being built and opened. It has allowed for even more men and women to receive a great workout with one of the Sculpt Fitness personal trainers.

As Sculpt Fitness has grown and helped many more men and women in northeast Ohio, one thing has remained the same, our focus and caring on seeing all of our members succeed and achieve the goals they've set for themselves.

2015 and going into 2016 is an exciting time for Sculpt as we recently opened our brand new gym facility on the border of Fairlawn and Medina Ohio. This brings with it many more opportunities to help more people lose weight, gain strength and reshape their bodies with specialized private personal training.



Sculpt Fitness is a personal training gym that offers private one on one personal training and semi-private personal training for individuals in the Akron area including Bath, Hudson and the surrounding areas in Northeast Ohio. Sculpt has grown and has been around for over 8 years in the Akron area.

Sculpt Fitness’s goal is to continue to grow in the area, help more and more people become healthier, fitter and to improve their lives. The main focus at Sculpt Fitness is wanting to be a bigger part of the community and making  a difference in people’s lives through a health and fitness standpoint.

Sculpt has done very well up to this point is by word of mouth refferals from our members. This points to people having received a great experience and results working out at Sculpt Fitness. We feel that we have a great family atmosphere in that we get to know every one of our clients on a personal level and not just from a exercise perspective.

A big piece of helping someone improve and change their lives through personal training is getting to know them and understanding what all takes place in his or her life that can help or hurt their progress.

You’ll be greeted each time you walk in our doors by our trainers and even from other members. The trainers all have one goal in mind, and that is to help you leave the gym after each workout feeling better, stronger, fitter and a healthier individual.



The Sculpt Fitness Personal Training Gym has a lot of offer for the people in Northeast Ohio including Akron, Medina, Hudson, Bath and Richfield Ohio. Our main types of programs include private personal training which a person works one on one with one of the Sculpt Personal Trainers during their workouts to achieve a certain goal. This a great option to choose if you have a goal in mind that is specific to you. A trainer can carefully design and workout routine along with nutritional support that will help you along the path of reaching that goal quickly.

Our other training options are the semi private small group personal training. If you are wanting to work out in a small group of up to 4 people, then this option would be the best option. Our semi private training is designed using up to date and proven equipment and exercises that can improve most people’s fitness levels. Click here to see more about our semi private personal training memberships.



  • Individuals wanting to lose weight and drop body fat
  • Those who want to gain strength and feel stronger
  • Individuals who want and need a specialized and custom exercise program that brings results
  • Those who have a goal in mind, are results driven people willing to put in some effort and hard work in reaching that goal
  • Those who want to work with a knowledgeable and respected personal trainer