Coconut water is a great way to shake up your hydration for the day.  Full of electrolytes and available in different flavors, try tossing some into your pre or post workout hydration


Dry Coco Water — A simple innovation, Big Tree Farms of Ashland, Ore., has found a way to crystallize coconut palm nectar. The result is a powdery drink mix that, when added to water, creates CocoHydro, a coconut water beverage with the taste and health advantages of regular coconut water, though with the added benefits of a smaller environmental footprint. (No more shipping heavy liquid and individually-packaged coconut water products around the globe.) For athletes and travelers, there’s the added bonus of convenience and portability of a powder. We tried CocoHydro on the show floor at Outdoor Retailer and fell slightly in love. The drink has electrolytes, proteins, amino acids, minerals and potassium. It has less sugar than typical sports drinks and tastes darn good to boot. $12 for a pack,



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