ok all here is goes,

you guys and girls put in WORK this week ! I freakin love it. Cant explain how amped I get when I am in the presence of dedicated people who have made the commitment to get stronger and more fit. Thats the fuel that keeps me going, so keep up the good stuff !

Heres how the workout will go tommorw: I am for sure getting my hand in on this one btw….

Over Head kettlebell snatch ladders:
Ladder 1: 10,8,6,4,2 (increase in kettlebell weight as you go)
Ladder 2: 8,6,4,2
Ladder 3: 6,4,2
Ladder 4: 4,2
Ladder 5: 2

**** Make sure you are trying to increase when as the reps get lower. This is how we will build rock hard strength. The minimal breaks we are trying to take will create the density aspect of the workout.

We will also be throwing in:
5 down and backs of Wheel walks on the Power Wheel
5 variations of “any way you want rope climbs” ( you can get soooo crazy here !)

Its Saturday so were are going for a little off the wall so you can feel good about chillin on Sunday.

See you all in the gym tomorrow ready to throw down !!!!

Drop a comment below the post with any questions. Lets work on spreading the word peeps. Anyone who is interested in how we do in the gym, have them “like” the webite and our facebook so we can keep them updated on all the awesomness that happens in the gym.

Night night !

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