Chad Maleski

General Manager / Personal Trainer

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Hey guys, my name is Chad Maleski!

I am the manager at the Sculpt Fitness Akron-Medina Location in west Akron and have been a personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness since the early spring of 2011. It is hard to believe how much growth I have seen not only in Sculpt Fitness as a gym, but in myself as a personal trainer in the past 8 years.

I began my personal training career back in 2009 at the University of Akron Recreation Center. What was first a fun and very rewarding job to have in college turned into a career that is satisfying in so many ways. I have always had a curiousity about the human body, what ways are best to make improvements, how to maximize the body’s potential, and to change a person’s body composition. This could be anything from improving an athletes power and speed to helping a mother or father regain lost strength and shed away years of weight gain.

I quickly got to work at the Rec Center after I received my certification, helping college athletes who were wanting to walk on for the Akron Zips, working with men and women wanting to gain strength and lose fat,  absorbing as much information and guidance as I could from my internships at Sculpt Fitness (where I’m currently working at now!) along with Pinnacle Sports in Twinsburg Ohio under the guidance of Brian White. I really had a knack for understanding what were the best ways I could help someone. It could be a casual talk about whats going on in their life, some cool training tips I could pass along that I’ve learned, or just holding them accountable outside of the gym and following up closely like a friend would. Things led to an eventual position at Sculpt Fitness, owned by Josh Dickey. I was his first hire as he was preparing to transform his one on one personal training gym done solely by him, to a well rounded gym filled with the area’s top personal trainers. I couldn’t have asked for anything better and have truly blossomed in being able to make a difference in hundred’s of individual’s lives.

What I’m most passionate about is helping men and women in every walk of life achieve a goal of improving their body in a way they never believed possible. My childhood was one in which I was in their shoes. I was an overweight child that did not have a coach or trainer to help me make positive changes in my life. I learned through trial in error how to improve myself and that has put me in a position at this point in my life to lend a hand to other’s looking for a coach to help them along his or her journey towards reaching a goal they’ve always wanted but never thought was possible.

What you’ll receive when working with me as a coach/friend and mentor is that I will put myself in your shoes and take into account all the many things you may be balancing in having a family and a career, where time is at a premium. I will put my heart into creating a plan of action that will give you the best opportunity for success. You will have a friend to talk to when you need advice on what to do, things to try or not to try, and for motivation and guidance when those dreaded fitness plateaus’ show themselves.

That is what you will receive when choosing myself, or any other well qualified personal trainer at Sculpt Fitness.

Your Trainer

Chad Maleski[/text_block]