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One of the areas that many people forget to practice in their training programs is the art of maintaining your body.  Post workout recovery is beyond important when you up the intensity of your workouts.  Focusing on things such as foam rolling is a fantastic way to keep your body up to snuff.

Without getting too scientific and making a lot of people yawn,  the importance of muscle and tissue recovery can be looked at based on your specific activities.  For example,  if you are an endurance athlete you may focus on areas such as your calves and IT(iliotibial)Band and fascia on the bottom of your feet.   If you are performing a great deal of full body work with tools such as sandbags and kettlebells,  your posterior chain(hips, glutes, hamstrings) takes a beating.  Taking the 10-15 minutes post workout as well as on your “off” days to rehab your body back to performance condition will assist in taking your workouts to the next level injury free.

As important as your main workout program is,  DO NOT forget about the importance of a solid warm up and cool down.   You would not go out in the middle of winter and start your car engine and drive away immediately and expect great performance out of a cold engine.  Your body works the same way.   You must give it a good warm up,  get the joints nice and loose and then follow the workout with some soft tissue rehab.

Check out as I give my opinion on a few choice(inexpensive) tools to keep your body right on track in your workouts

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BugWIYW-bT4&w=640&h=390]

Train Hard, Train Smart

Josh Dickey

Owner of Sculpt Fitness

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