Many individuals have begun to understand the importance of a healthy diet and how it can help with body composition and improved performance. However, not everyone has tapped into the benefits of adding supplements to a well rounded diet. There are millions of supplements out there right now, which makes it hard to pick the ones that actually work! To be honest, there are only a handful of supplements that are worth buying, one being fish oil.

Fish oil contains omega 3’s which when consumed supplies our bodies with Omega 3’s EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids). The only other way we can obtain EFA’s is if we decide to eat LOTS of nuts & certain kinds fish products.

Probably everyone reading this letter has at one time or another been told the benefits of fish oil/omega 3’s, whether the information has come from a friend or your local physician. Just as a reminder though, below is a semi – short list of positives;

– Reduces inflammation
– Lowers the chances of developing a heart attack or stroke
– Improves asthma symptoms
– Increased focus in the weight room
– Reduction in stress levels
– Maintains joint and cartilage health
– Improves energy levels
– Reduces risks of blood clots
– Aid in muscle building FAT LOSS

Reading through the above list probably makes fish oil sound like a miracle supplement! Funny thing is, many health enthusiasts & fitness experts have called it just that! However, do not expect to just start taking fish oil & magically see all your issues disappear. Supplements are just what the name implies, they supplement your diet. It all begins with well structured diet & a sound fitness plan!

* Here are a few brands that Josh and I have experimented with over the years:
– Barleans Fish Oil (Liquid or Capsules)
– Twinlab Cod Liver Oil
– Puritans Pride Natural Flaxseed & Cod Liver Oil
– Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil

-Brig Van Etten CSCS-

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