Hey all !

We are going to be adding to our whiteboards here at the Sculpt Training Gym. A lot of our client/athletes have been working on their skills and lifts outside of the whiteboards. So we are going to add a “Sculpt Strength” section to the whiteboard workouts. This gives a couple options to the members to either break the workout down and just work on some heavy strength and skill work or just line up some great metabolic conditioning. Or once your feeling up to it maybe both ha ha

Here we go:

Sculpt Strength Day:

5-4-3-2-1 strength ladder with
Front or Back squat

– start with a lighter weight for warm up. Add 5 lbs at a time until you get to your workout weight. Try and increase bu 10 lbs each set.

Metabolic workout:

5 rounds of:

10 kb swings
5 Plyo Jumps
10 kb push press
5 shuttle runs
10 dead push ups

Train Hard. Train Smart


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