Hey guys and girls,

I know everyone is enjoying that sunshine !   I love being able to start pulling the weight sleds outside and adding the whole other side of training to our agenda.

Ok lets get this thing goin !

Here we go:

Circuit 1: 5 sets

Squats(any variation) x 6

Any overhead Press variation x 5 (some may be 5x r,l)


Circuit 2:  4 sets

Push Up variation or Dips x 8-10

Rope Climb x 1 or Modified rope climb x 4

Plyo Lunges x 20


Circuit 3: 3 sets

Farmer Walk(carrying KB’s, SB or Handles) x around the center wall or Down and back(at hudson)  or 100′ if its nice outside

Russian Twists x 20-30

Travel Planks x 10


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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