Hey all !!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend and had a chance to rest the body a little bit. I am really pumped to get back into the gym this week. A lot of prep work and strength and conditioning to get ready for all these races coming up in the spring !!! People are workin hard so let’s keep it up!!
Here we go: 5 Couplets(5 min each)
1: 5 min
Kettlebell swings x 10
Squat jumps x 10

2: 5 min
Thrusters x 5
Pull ups x 5 or 3 modified rope climbs

3: 5min
Any deadlift high pull variation x 6
(kbs, barbells, sandbags)
Any push up variation x 10

4: 5min
Burpees x 5
Russian twists x 20

Push it !!!!!!

Train Hard. Train Smart


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