hey Sculpt Fitness crew !

Man what a weekend ! The Urbanathlon in chi-town was definately a challenge and will be attending again for sure. I am really ready to throw down some strength training after that long [email protected] run ha ha. Lets grab a couple kettlebells and show em how KB strength training is really done

Circuit 1 : 3 rounds

Double KB Swings x 10
Double KB Overhead Press x 6
Double Kettlebell clean x 8 (pull the kbs from the floor)

Circuit 2 : 3 Rounds

Double Kettlebell Rows (alternating) x 20
Double KB walking lunges x 10
Push ups on the KB’s x max out (as many as you can )

Circuit 3

Snatches (you can do these single x 8 r and L, double x 8 or alternating x 10)
Double Kettlebell step ups x 6(r,l)

Our goal as always is to try and keep the rest periods as minimal as possible during these circuits.

If you have some juice left after this good one you can throw some free style abs in there mixing in some med ball work such as russian twists or weighted crunches, or get up sit ups. or you can get in some hanging leg raises, some of you are working it so you can get them done by hanging from the pull up rig. Or dont be afraid to get crazy and bring out the power wheel ha ha

Train Hard. Train Smart


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