Happy 2012 !!!

Man, what a crazy year…..  So many events happened in 2011 that it would take up the whole post and I would never get to the workout ha ha

Last year people at the Sculpt Training Gym pushed envelopes and made themselves the strongest, best people they could be.  Everyone jumped another level in their training and the momentum has not slowed down.  This next year will be filled with opportunities to continue these journeys and I can not wait to say what happens !!!

What will this new year bring for you ??????


Here we go:  First Circuits of the year !!!!

Circuit 1: 5 rounds

Squats x 6 (any variation, mix it up this year)

Press x 6 (Kbs, barbells, Dbs)

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

Pull up variations or Rope rows x 10

Walking Lunges x 10 (holding kbs,dbs, sandbags)

Double or Single Kb Cleans x 10

Circuit 3: 3 rounds

Ball Slams x 10

Get Up Sit ups x 10

Jump Ropes x 50


New year to tear it up !!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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