Hey guys and girls,

We have a nice short week this week leading up to the largest food consuming holiday of the year. So lets really tear it up this week ! ha ha I am going to break down the circuits for monday in a way where you are not going to need to focus on time but go ahead and grab some heavier weights.

Here we go:

Circuit 1: 5 rounds

Squats(front squat, sumo squat, back squat) x 6
** use any tool, kettlebell, barbell, sandbag
Alternating Over head press x 10 total (5r,5l)

Circuit 2: 4 rounds

High Pulls x 6 (kettlebell, barbell, sandbag)
Dead Push ups or Weighted Push Ups x 10-15
Farmer Walk or Sandbag Carry x around the inside of the gym 2 times

Abs: 3 sets of circuit
Travel Planks x 10
Russian Twist x 30
Get up Sit ups x 10

Train Hard Train Smart


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