heyo !!!!!!

What a killer weekend.  I will always be thankful when I get the opportunity to see the impact that Sculpt Fitness programs have on others.   Our hockey guys at Sculpt Fitness are now in 1st place.  They are leaps and bounds stronger and faster than all other teams.  They, just like many of our Sculpt members and clients have made the commitment to make themselves stronger and better !!!!!  Damn I love it !!!!!   I will continue to keep making programs that keep the fire goin strong

Here we go: 5 Rounds of Kettlebells and Bodyweight

Kettlebell Swings x 15

Push up variation (any variation including hand stand) x 10

Single KB Racked Lunges x 6(r,l) or Step ups

Body Rows(ring or ropes) x 10

Snatches x 6(r,l) or High pull x 10

Get Up Sit ups x 10


ha ha there is nothing simple about workin your butt off !!!  However, there is a lot to be said by takin some of the basics and tearing them up.   These golden moves are the secret to making you strong, flexible and mobile.


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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