Hey yo !!!!

What a week last week!!!   There was so much hard work going on inside the Sculpt Fitness Training Gyms.   I have decided that the gym needs to have the ability to track some of these awesome PR’s that are consistently going down during the workouts.   Sooooo the “How hard are you Training” Whiteboards will be going up in the gyms this week.   These whiteboards will be used to track progress in the workouts as well as keep track of some of the Personal Records in some of our unique lifts.

Now that I have you guys and girls all pumped up….

Here we go:  Upper/Lower split w/ Kb’s and Bodyweight

Upper:  4 rounds

Kb overhead Press(alternating x 10, double kb x 6, single kb x 6r, 6l)

Single Kettlebell Clean(hanging) x 6-8

Push up Variation x 10

Pull Variation(pull up or body row) x 8-10


Lower: 4 rounds

Kettlebell front squats(double) x 8

Kettlebell walking lunges x 10

Plyo Jumps x 6

Squat Jumps x 10


Abs: 3 rounds

Leg Raises(any variation) x 10

Medicine Ball wall tosses x 10 each direction


Ok guys and girls…   Crush it this week !!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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