Hey guys and girls

Thanks so much for the get well wishes. Feels good to get back closer to 100%. I’ll be takin it slow this week still but I expect our Sculpt Training Crew to Crush it all week !!! Ok let’s get to it

Here we go: 5 Couplets(5 min each)
1: 5 min
Kettlebell swings x 10
Squat jumps x 10

2: 5 min
Thrusters x 5
Pull ups x 5 or 3 modified rope climbs

3: 5min
Any deadlift high pull variation x 6
(kbs, barbells, sandbags)
Any push up variation x 10

4: 5min
Burpees x 5
Russian twists x 20

Ok the field is set….. It’s up to you guys and girls to take over.

Train Hard. Train Smart


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