Hey guys and girls,

Back to the week we go!  It was a killer weekend with some unusual warm weather for December.  I hope everyone got the chance to get outside and get moving.

Well the time is getting near !  Just incase the invite didnt make it out to everyone,  the GRAND OPENING of the Sculpt Fitness Training Gym- Hudson is going to be on Saturday, January 7th.  Make sure to come on out and celebrate with us.  Anyone is welcome to join,  so if you have friends that are interested tell em to tag along !

Here we go this week:  Double WTH’S

11 Min WTH:

Thrusters x 6(use any tool you like,  Sandbag, Kettlebell, Barbell, Dumbbell)

Pull ups x 5


11 Min WTH:

High Pulls x 6

Jump Ropes x 40


Lets kick the week of right !


Train Hard.  Train Smart


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