Its time to get this week started ! There is so much kick [email protected]# stuff going on with Sculpt Fitness right now and I am more amped up then i have ever been. And when I feel like that the workouts just become awesome for me so I want to make sure to have that carry over to all of our Sculpt Fitness Training Gym members.

Here we go: Combining strength and Body weight

5 Rounds:

Sumo Squats x 10
Single Arm Overhead Press x 6 (r,L)

5 Rounds:
Push Up (any variation) x 10
Plyo Jump x 5
Pull Up x 5-8 or a rope climb or 3 modified rope climbs
Plyo Lunges x 20

3 rounds:
60 jump ropes
Leg Raises x 10-15

Oh i like the way this one is gonna look in the gym tomorrow. Ok 6 amers. Lets have you tear it up and show the way for everyone else. “case of the mondays….” phhhhssshh yea right !!!!!!! not at Sculpt Fitness we dont ! lets go !

Train Hard. Train Smart


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