Happy Monday,

I figured why not kick off the week with a solid challenge. After programming a lot of odd object work over the last few weeks I was so curious how it would advance some of the members other workouts. So…. The hundreds challenge arises !

Here we go !

As fast as you can for time –

100 kettlebell swings

100 plyo jumps or if ur not comfy with the boxes yet it will be 100 squat jumps

100 pull ups or body rows

100 revolutions on the jump rope

The 6amer’s knocked it out in under 30 minutes !!!!!!! Which was kick [email protected]! I remember when some of them were just getting started and their performance now is freakin awesome. Keep up the good work !

As usual that sets the bar for the day. I challenge all of the members to get in here and push yourself. After the weekend is when we need to get in here the most !

I will be posting the schedule on the site for all of next week. Chad will be running a couple extra classes for the members. I’ll have that up this week. I’ll make sure to alert everyone

Train Hard. Train Smart


Ps- we are getting some more referrals back each week. Our goal is to spread the word as much as possible !! We really appreciate all the chatter our members do for us. It let’s us know that we we truly have motivated believers and leaders in our gym and that’s all I ever want 🙂

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