Hey guys and girls,

You all know how much I love throwing those body weight days in where we pull out some back in time, primal movments.   I threw a few new little twists into this one.   We love our members pushing weights around,  I feel like the fittest people are well rounded.  Strong, mobile, flexible.  You gotta be able to MOVE !!!!!

Heres how today will help:  25 minutes of Primal AMRAP !

Handstand wall walks x down the wall(one way) or Lateral hand walking(in push up position moving sideways using hands and feet)

Plyo Box Jumps x 8-10

Rope Climbs x 1 or modified rope climbs x 2

Road Run x 1 (out to the street and back)

Power Wheel roll outs x 8-10 or Travel Planks x 8-10


Use that body to get strong !!!!!!!


Train Hard.  Train Smart



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